My new blog

Hey , i’m Addeck ( this is my nickname , i will not post my real name cuz i’m a little shy ) and this is my new blog . I will post about funny things , problems i got trough and how do i did it , usual problems in general. But first , i will tell you a little bit about me. I have 16 years old , i’ m on high school , i’m very friendly although i’m less social , cuz people are so rude . But still i make friends easy ( that dosen’t meen i trust them ). I’ve been going trough many hard problems in my life , and even if i look like a freak and i don’t speek much , dosen’ t meen i don’t have nothing to say , it meens that i’m to shy to tell my ideas ! I’ m an inteligent guy ! More inteligent than i let others see ! But enough of me !
Let’s talk about what happiness is ! I saw alot of guys who thinks they are happy because they have money, power , respect , popularity big houses or fancy cars. But happiness isn’t about money ! Cuz when you have money , all dudes around you just want your money , there are no true friends around ! I can guarantee that , cuz i’ve been through that ! My mother was working in italy and she was sending me 25 euros per week, i was popular than , i had allmost 80% of teenagers in my city near me than ! But after my mother comed back, and i had no money , they just leaved ! Money is the key to popularity true frinds are rare ! They dont need you’r money , and without true friends and true love there is no happiness .
Popularity is like you would be forced to do sth , just because if you are different or you do different thing you will lose it ! So still no true friends and no happiness.
Power and respect are kind of the same ! With them , you force people to do what you want to do but in my city , there’s a word : the godfather has his one godfather. So if you can’t do that for much long , and you will find you’r godfather , everyone will throw a brik at you’r head cuz you force them.
Everybody has his concept about true happiness , but allmost 80% thinks that happiness is one of the thing i wroth allready ! My conncept is that happiness is abot true love , true friends , no problems to solf , and true fun !


Tnx for reading ! I hope you like it ! I’m gonne post every week , so you tell me if you like it ! Until next week , god night ;D